Lions Floor Canyon Coast Everlasting Peaks LI-CC03

Canyon Coast

Everlasting Peaks

Lions Floor
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Lions Floor Canyon Coast Everlasting Peaks LI-CC03
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Product Attributes

CollectionCanyon Coast
ColorEverlasting Peaks
Surface Type(EIR) Embossed in Register
EdgePressed Edge
ApplicationResidential, Commercial
Core Thickness8mm
Attached PadPresses EVA
Finish CoatingUV Acrylic
Installation MethodUniclic/Floating
WarrantyResidential: 50 Years Limited / Commercial: 10 Years Limited
DescriptionEmbark on an immersive journey with Lions Floor's Canyon Coast Collection, where the essence of mountain landscapes comes to life. This collection is more than just flooring; it's a tribute to the grandeur of nature and the diverse beauty found in the descent from summits to the lush canyons below. Elevate your space with the spirit of adventure and the authenticity of the Canyon Coast Collection. Let each plank tell a story of exploration, connecting your living environment with the untamed elegance of the great outdoors.