Carpet Care & Maintenance

When it comes to preserving the gorgeous carpet in your home, it helps to be prepared with a daily care routine, effective dirt removal, and the proper spill and stain treatment.

Daily Carpet Care

For the most effective daily carpet care, invest in the ideal vacuum cleaner model that best matches your carpet type and vacuuming your carpet as frequently as you can to remove damaging particles and reduce the effects of foot traffic. Since many homeowners have pets, it’s extremely wise to trim pet nails and claws to avoid snagging the carpet, brush your cats and dogs regularly to reduce pet dander, and make sure to complete house-training before your pets can spend time on carpet.

Carpet Care | McKinney Hardwood Flooring
Carpet Cleaning | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Dirt & Debris

It's extremely important to remove dirt, debris, and pet dander from the carpet surface before these tiny particles can become abrasive. Place mats by all entrances and encourage guests to remove footwear to reduce the amount of tracked-in particles. You can preserve the life of your carpet and reduce the effects of wear-and-tear with regular vacuuming, periodic professional cleanings, and by properly following your manufacturer’s care guidelines.

Carpet Stain Treatment | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Spills & Stains

When spills hit your carpet, always treat them as quickly as possible with warm water to prevent permanent stains from forming and moisture absorption into the carpet. Remove solid material with a spoon, starting from the outside of the spill and working in. Blot the liquid stain with paper towels or a white towel, using warm water to remove it. If warm water does not remove a stain, consult your manufacturer’s guidelines for an approved cleaner.