Top Flooring Services in McKinney, TX

In addition to helping you find and create flooring solutions for the entire home, we also provide valuable flooring services that other flooring stores simply cannot offer!

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Custom Hardwood Flooring Made To Your Specifications

McKinney Hardwood Flooring can help you craft custom hardwood floors that match your creative design vision and land on the perfect shade. We can help you explore darker hardwood floors, warm honey blonde wood floors, lighter-colored hardwood floors, wood with grey undertones, and many more of your favorite wood visuals. For first-class results, we work with DuraSeal® premium wood floor finishes to offer the highest quality wood coatings and the best wood stains on the market. DuraSeal finishes seal, color and provide exceptional durability when used on the wood surface, and bond with the wood so that it won't scratch or wear away. We are your custom hardwood expert honored to serve McKinney, TX, as well as Prosper, Plano, Frisco, and the surrounding areas. When it comes to creating custom hardwood beauty, we’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure you have the superior finishes, stains, and support you need.

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Hardwood Refinishing in McKinney, TX

Although authentic hardwood floors can get various marks on them over time, you can refinish the surface to restore their luster once again. Hardwood refinishing can remove dents, stains, gouges, scratches, and water damage by removing the top layer and exposing the beautiful wood underneath. 

Although laminate and luxury vinyl can deliver impressive hardwood realism, these flooring options cannot be refinished when the surface shows the effects of wear. McKinney Hardwood Flooring can help unlock the beauty of older hardwood floors by sanding and refinishing your gorgeous planks.

Hardwood Restoration in McKinney, TX

When you invest in genuine hardwood flooring, you are adding incredible value to your property because those gorgeous planks can be restored over time for brand new appeal in your inspired home!

At McKinney Hardwood Flooring, we are the hardwood experts. We are ready to help you restore your hardwood floors to perfection. Whether you are getting a property ready to list on the marker or enjoy your home the way you want to, we provide hardwood restoration to your durable, naturally luxurious surfaces.

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Custom Rugs in McKinney, TX

In addition to our wide selection of stylish area rugs to uplift your rooms, we can also create affordable custom rugs that best suit your home and fit the unique dimensions of your spaces.

With valuable carpet binding services at McKinney Hardwood Flooring, we can craft custom rugs with your favorite carpet style, fiber, construction, or pattern, and use carpet remnants to make rugs as well. Custom rugs allow you to instantly add visual interest and enhance your preferred design aesthetic.