Hardwood Restoration in McKinney, TX

When you invest in genuine hardwood flooring, you are adding incredible value to your property because those gorgeous planks can be restored over time for brand new appeal in your inspired home!

At McKinney Hardwood Flooring, we are the hardwood experts. We are ready to help you restore your hardwood floors to perfection. Whether you are getting a property ready to list on the market or enjoy your home the way you want to, we provide hardwood restoration to your durable, naturally luxurious surfaces.

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The effects of sunlight and oxidation

Have you had a rug down over your hardwoods or maybe a piece of furniture and found that your hardwoods look different?
This is a natural reaction your wood flooring is having to sunlight exposure and oxidation. Exotic woods like Brazilian Cherry tend to have an exaggerated reaction.
So how do you minimize this effect?
1. Limit the use of rugs or move them often.
2. Close blinds during times of harsh sunlight.
3. When cleaning, clean underneath rugs and furniture just like the rest of the floor.
How do we fix?
1. For engineered hardwood, not much, unless you have a top veneer thickness of 3mm+ (so we can sand)
2. For solid hardwood, a Re-Sand, Stain and Finish will get you looking brand new!
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