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There's no denying the unmistakable presence of naturally luxurious hardwood flooring in the home. We specialize in custom hardwood design that can transform your rooms!

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What To Know About Custom Hardwood Flooring

When you seek a unique design vision for your home, McKinney Hardwood Flooring can help you create personalized hardwood floors that match your creative ideas and land on the perfect shade, custom stain, and finish. We can help you explore darker hardwood floors that offer dramatic contrast and anchor a sleek, modern or contemporary aesthetic. Warm honey blonde wood floors are extremely popular and match a variety of different looks for premium versatility. Ideal for brightening a room, lighter-colored hardwood floors can open a space and enhance perspective effortlessly. Maybe grey undertones will add the right touch of neutral to your favorite wood visual. We are your custom hardwood experts and can help you capture the unique floor you’ve been dreaming of!

For first-class results, we work with DuraSeal® premium wood floor finishes to offer the highest quality wood coatings and the best wood stains on the market. DuraSeal finishes seal, color, and provide exceptional durability when used on the wood surface, and bond with the wood so that it won't scratch or wear away. Since DuraSeal® products are sold through a select group of professional hardwood flooring distributors in major markets throughout North America, McKinney Hardwood Flooring is honored to serve McKinney, TX, as well as Prosper, Plano, Frisco, and the surrounding areas. When it comes to creating custom wood plank flooring, we’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure you have the superior finishes, stains, and support you need.

The Benefits Of Hardwood

For the average homeowner, purchasing new hardwood flooring is a major home investment but one that comes with exceptional benefits. No other flooring option can meet your current design desires and still attract prospective homebuyers down the line: Hardwood is the number one preferred flooring option and visual in surveys and adds more value to a property than any other flooring!

The inherent character, warmth, and graining creates a one-of-a-kind, first impression that everyone loves. The durability of hardwood will also perform in your home for decades with proper maintenance. Along with the organic luxury of real wood, you can select the widest, longest planks for a custom hardwood flooring installation that truly creates a lasting impression. 

Custom Hardwood | McKinney Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood Install Custom | McKinney

Our Custom Hardwood Installation Process

For custom hardwood to be installed properly, it requires the help of trained industry professionals. Trust the team at McKinney Flooring in McKinney, TX, to expertly install your custom hardwood floors. To have custom hardwood flooring that functions well and looks great for years to come, it needs to be installed properly, and that's where McKinney can help. 

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Focus On your Specific Flooring Needs

No matter what your favorite decor theme is, you can use your hardwood floors to enhance your preferred visual to perfection. Let's explore the texture, finish, and tone that will work with the natural lighting in your home to illuminate your floorplan. We can also determine the ideal wood tone and gloss level that will either balance or contrast your other design elements, paint colors, and furniture the right way. 

Learn More About Custom Hardwood Flooring

Solid vs. Engineered

Solid hardwood flooring vs Engineered floors

Solid VS Engineered | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood is considered by many homeowners to be the “gold standard” in flooring. Constructed from one solid piece of 100% hardwood, it’s known for its durability, authenticity, and timelessness. Most solid hardwood flooring is made in the USA with fine American craftsmanship, and primarily sourced from Tennessee, Arkansas or the Appalachian area. Most Maples are sourced from northern territories or Canada.

Engineered Floors

Engineered hardwood is made of layers with 100% natural wood on top, wood on the bottom, and a highly stable core in the middle. The core consists of 5 to 7 layers of plywood, pressed together in a crisscrossed pattern. It’s what makes engineered hardwood flooring less likely to shift, expand or contract when exposed to environmental changes in temperature, moisture and humidity. For this reason engineered hardwoods can be installed in basements amongst other locations.


Types of Hardwood Species

When it comes to hardwood flooring, the species you select matters! Not only will your species determine the look, durability, and even the required level of maintenance. When selecting hardwood species, it's hard to go wrong. You can learn more about the most popular hardwood species below. 

Most Popular Hardwood Species










Grades of Hardwood

Hardwood grades are determined by the natural characteristics present in a single piece of hardwood lumber. These natural characteristics can include knots, mineral streaks, tone changes, and more. The grading scale starts with Clear Grade lumber (few natural variations) and ends with Rustic Grade (considerable variations throughout). 

Clear Oak

Little in the way of variations or natural characteristics. 

Select Oak

Slightly more variants and character throughout. 

#1 Common Oak

Streaks, knots, and a multitude of defining characteristics. 

#2 Common Oak

As unique and varied as hardwood can get. 


Cuts of Hardwood

The cut of your hardwood will greatly impact its appearance. The angle and process in which the hardwood is cut can make for considerable grain variants and looks. 

There are four categories of cuts. They are plain sawn, quarter sawn, rift sawn, and live/flat sawn. 

Plain Sawn

Plain sawn is the most common hardwood cut. With plain sawn, the hardwood is cut parallel to the growth rings of the hardwood log. 

Quarter Sawn

Quater sawn wood is cut radially to create a consistent and beautiful grain pattern. With this cut, the growth rings will intersect the face of the wood.

Rift Sawn

Rift sawn wood follows a similar process as quarter sawn, but the hardwood comes from the outer part of the log. Rift sawn wood is often done in tandem with quarter sawn wood. 

Live/Flat Sawn

Live/flat Sawn is the quickest and easiest way to cut hardwood and results in a combination of grain patterns and sawing styles. 

Patterns & Textures

Patterns & Textures

It is through the patterns and textures of your hardwood flooring that you can truly let your personality shine. As a versatile flooring material, hardwood comes in many patterns, textures, and overall looks. Offering everything from rustic and distressed to cool gray tones that provide modernity in hardwood, when you're shopping for hardwood flooring, you're in control of the patterns and textures. 

Accenting Color Tones

From coffee to gray to taupe and more, the color and tone of your hardwood flooring can have a tremendous impact on your home. Rest assured that with hardwood, there's always a look that will match your design palate. 

Polished & Refined

For sleek and modern-looking hardwood flooring, opt for something polished and refined. This clean-cut look will give your home a neatness and level of beauty that will continually impress your guests. 

Distressed & Rustic

For a more vintage or industrial look, consider a distressed or rustic hardwood in your home. This texturized look will be a visual marvel to the eyes while aging well inside your home. 

DuraSeal Stain Colors | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Custom Hardwood Stains and Finishes

When it comes to custom hardwood flooring, the right stain and finish can make all the difference. At McKinney Flooring, we feature a wide range of stains and finishes to meet your hardwood flooring needs. Browse our impressive collection of both below. 

When finished, contact our team to get started on your custom hardwood shopping process. 

Aged Barrel | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Aged Barrel

Antique Brown | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Antique Brown

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Classic Gray | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Classic Gray

Coffee Brown | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Coffee Brown

Colonial Maple | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Colonial Maple

Country White | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Country White

Dark Gray | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Dark Gray

Dark Walnut | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Dark Walnut

Early American | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Early American

Ebony | McKinney Hardwood Flooring


English Chestnut | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

English Chestnut

Espresso | McKinney Hardwood Flooring


Fruitwood | McKinney Hardwood Flooring


Golden Brown | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Golden Brown

Golden Oak | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Golden Oak

Golden Pecan | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Golden Pecan

Gunstock | McKinney Hardwood Flooring


Heritage Brown | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Heritage Brown

Jacobean | McKinney Hardwood Flooring


Medium Brown | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Medium Brown

Neutral | McKinney Hardwood Flooring


Nutmeg | McKinney Hardwood Flooring


Provincial | McKinney Hardwood Flooring


Red Mahogany | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Red Mahogany

Rosewood | McKinney Hardwood Flooring


Royal Mahogany | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Royal Mahogany

Rustic Beige | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Rustic Beige

Sadona Red | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Sadona Red

Silvered Gray | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Silvered Gray

Special Walnut | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Special Walnut

Spice Brown | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Spice Brown

True Black | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

True Black

Warm Gray | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Warm Gray

Weathered Oak | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Weathered Oak

In-Home Consultation | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Schedule An In-Home Consultation

Whether you're interested in custom hardwood or another type of flooring, with an in-home consultation, we'll bring product samples to your home before you buy. This is just another way that McKinney Flooring is helping to streamline the floor shopping process. 

Custom Hardwood Restoration & Refinishing Services In McKinney, TX

Although authentic hardwood floors can get various marks on them over time, you can repair any damage to restore their luster and make your floors look new once again. Underneath every old, scratched wood floor is beautiful hardwood character just waiting to be exposed once more! Every hardwood repair is different, but hardwood refinishing and restoration can remove dents, stains, gouges, scratches, and water damage. Since sunlight will change the color and fade hardwood flooring as the wood matures, we can also bring the warmth back to your rooms. Whether you are remodeling your home and want your floors to match your décor or increasing your property value before listing the home on the market, McKinney Hardwood Flooring can help unlock the beauty of older hardwood floors by sanding, refinishing, replacing, or restoring your planks.

Hardwood Restoration | McKinney Hardwood Flooring
Professional Hardwood Cleaning | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning

If you are concerned with treating spills or stains on your hardwood floors and want to make sure to follow your manufacturer’s care guidelines, call us! Under normal household conditions, your hardwood flooring should last at least 25 to 30 years without requiring any major work. Periodic professional hardwood cleaning from the experts will help preserve your flooring investment, ensure that your floors can last for decades longer, and maintain their timeless charm for prospective buyers down the line.