Installation in McKinney, TX

Now that you have selected new floors to install in your home, we can help you learn about and prepare for the installation process. Get ready for your new floors!

Deliver of Materials for Acclimation

  • Flooring such as laminate, vinyl and hardwood need to be acclimated prior to installation.
  • If we are delivering materials prior to installation, please make a clear path to a 6’ x 10’ designated area for materials to be stored in your home. This must be on the first level of the home.

Please keep all pets off of and away from materials while acclimating.

Moving Furniture 488x488

Prior to Installation

  • Please pack up and remove all items from the work areas.
  • This includes such items as lamps, books, décor, candles, electronics, speakers, toys, plants, futons, side tables, coffee tables and chairs.
  • Remove all blankets, comforters and pillows from mattresses. Leave a sheet on mattress to protect.
  • Break down all beds into pieces and store all hardware in a safe place for future use.
  • McKinney Hardwood will move couches, loveseats, mattresses and broken down bed pieces as necessary. We will also move free-standing refrigerators as needed.
  • McKinney Hardwood flooring does not unhook gas lines or replace any plumbing. We will remove toilets and client will need to hire licensed plumber to replace.
  • McKinney Hardwood Flooring will NOT move the following items: Pianos, armoires, china cabinets, antiques, breakables, safes, filing cabinets, washing machines, dryers, wine refrigerators, ice makers or excessive small items that are listed above.

A fee will be applied to final invoice for excessive items. In the rare case that we arrive and items are not moved from the work areas, a $1,000 inconvenience and re-scheduling fee will be applied.



  • Please show our craftsman where the project will take place.
  • Let them know who they may contact if they have specific questions.
  • A bathroom they may use if needed (#1 Only!)
  • Any areas to stay away from, such as areas where pets are kept.
  • Please notify the head craftsman of what to do when they are complete for the day.
  • Baseboards – Baseboards can crack and break when detaching. Replacement is the responsibility of the client. Our craftsman do no paint or caulk baseboards.

*Pets love unfinished wood. It is important to keep pets off of these materials. If a pet has an accident on the materials, they must be replaced at the client’s expense.