Vinyl Care & Maintenance

When it comes to preserving the attractive luxury vinyl floors in your home, you will love how easy it is to complete a daily care routine, effective dirt removal, and the proper spill and stain treatment.

Daily Luxury Vinyl Care

Daily luxury vinyl care is as simple as sweeping or dust-mopping to remove dirt and debris, and then simply wiping up spills whenever they occur. Place mats by all entrances and encourage guests to remove footwear, which will reduce the amount of tracked-in particles. Luxury vinyl floors are an excellent pet-friendly option, but it’s extremely wise to trim pet nails and claws to reduce scratches and brush your cats and dogs regularly to reduce pet dander. Also, utilize area rugs throughout the home to reduce the effects of foot traffic over time.

Daily Vinyl Care | McKinney Hardwood Flooring
Vinyl cleaning | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Dirt & Debris

Luxury vinyl flooring is incredibly low maintenance and offers a tough, durable surface thanks to a rigid top wear layer. It’s still important to remove particles since tiny offenders like dirt, dust, and pet dander can eventually become abrasive. To remove dirt and debris effectively, sweep or dust-mop your floor frequently with a microfiber cloth or dust mop. You can also vacuum luxury vinyl floors for a deeper clean, but make sure your vacuum model has no rotating brushes.

Vinyl flooring | McKinney Hardwood Flooring

Spills & Stains

Luxury vinyl offers tremendous moisture resistance due to the inherent waterproof nature of vinyl, with many options warranted for waterproof installation and enhanced stain protection. Most spills on luxury vinyl floors can simply be cleaned with paper towels and water! Use a sponge mop and water once a week to remove any spots and use a pH-neutral cleaner if needed. You can efficiently deep clean your luxury vinyl flooring by wet mopping whenever you prefer.