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Our families love bringing home the tremendous versatility of high-quality luxury vinyl to create rooms that are equally inviting, stylish, durable, and easy to take care of.

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Why Choose Vinyl

When homeowners want the look of real wood and stone beauty in high-activity spaces, quality vinyl flooring is an outstanding choice for chic room layouts. Luxury vinyl offers many benefits. Luxury vinyl not only provides durability, sound absorption, and resiliency, but this versatile surface also lends the ultimate moisture resistance in an active home with kids and pets! No matter what aesthetic you aim to achieve, there’s a luxury vinyl texture and visual that can enhance your design vision. Our vinyl experts can help you select the ideal finish and construction to match your household conditions for the best long-term performance. Let’s explore all the excellent luxury vinyl options that can uplift your home!

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Vinyl Maintenance & Care

After you bring home your favorite vinyl styles, it’s time to learn how to care for your floors the right way! With proper maintenance and a regular care routine that’s easy to complete, your luxury vinyl flooring will continue to shine for years.

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Vinyl Installation

When it’s time to install your new vinyl, it helps to be prepared at every step for minimal home displacement and for best finished results. Our carpet experts will help you know what to expect before, during, and after your luxury vinyl installation.

Vinyl | McKinney Hardwood Flooring
Vinyl | McKinney Hardwood Flooring
Vinyl | McKinney Hardwood Flooring
Vinyl | McKinney Hardwood Flooring
Vinyl Inspiration

What’s your favorite wood or stone look that you want to capture?  With luxury vinyl plank or tile flooring, you can have the visual you love to match any decor theme! Each luxury vinyl texture and tone are equally eye-catching and can transform your rooms instantly. Our vinyl experts can help you explore all the attractive options we carry, and you can browse our Vinyl Inspiration Gallery for other excellent ideas to spark your creativity.

Visualize Your Project

Roomvo is the fast and easy room visualizer that’s leaves nothing to the imagination. With Roomvo, you can see the latest flooring options in your home before you buy. Simply upload a photo of your room, select a flooring product, and see it instantly in your space! We off this cutting-edge technology to help eliminate the guesswork commonly associated with purchasing new flooring. Whether you’re interested in carpet, hardwood, luxury vinyl, tile, laminate, or even an area rug, Roomvo will allow you to see the flooring choices you want with just a few simple clicks. We want you to take advantage of our visualization tools and shop more confidently with Roomvo.

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